Can I sue my apartment complex for unfairly towing my car? Posted on January 14, 2011

I have one car with a parking sticker for my apartment complex that expired in May 2010. In March 2010 my wife bought a car and my apartment manager gave me temporary "visitor" parking sticker for that new car, expiring in May 2010, which coincides with when our lease was up.
We decided to renew the lease on the apartment for a second year, so I asked for new stickers for my cars but one of the apartment managers told me that it wasn't necessary and that we would be fine with our current stickers, even though they were expired. On the 22nd December 2010 the apartment managers towed my wife's car with temporary sticker for being expired.
The managers explanation was that my car had a temporary visitors sticker that had expired in May, but they are the ones who told me that I would be fine with that sticker .I am not a temporary visitor and neither is my wife, but that is the sticker they gave us. Every explanation fell on deaf ears.The storage company charged me $254 before I retrieved my car after two days. Can I sue and if yes what can I sue for? Thanks

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