Can I sue if my supervisor is jealous of my personal lifestyle to a point where she slanders my character? 1 Answers as of July 28, 2017

I’ve even experienced ample occasions of where this lady stares at me from head to toe for extended amounts of time while I work and points out/questions something about what I’m wearing. Comments will never be work related. I never question what the envious stares in fear that I’ll get a write up due to disrespect. All of my write ups are positively results of, me being harassed or disrespected and questioning the actions. Another issue is that my supervisor is biased. She observes my choice of attire on a daily basis. If I accidentally forget to take off my engagement ring, she immediately notices it and make and outburst. On the other hand, she turns the cheek if she has another team member of the same or worse actions. Also, this particular supervisor constantly slanders and defames my character to a point of no end. This supervisor has abused her authority by lying and not accurately reporting my true performance on annual performance reviews. She has recently even gone to the extreme, and reported false accusations of unruly behavior to our president of the department, landing me on a 6 month probation. Valuable sources inform me to always humble myself, due to This supervisor discussing ways and master plans with several of my colleagues and other supervisors, saying "we got to get her out of here". She is always on the lookout and checking with others expecting to find me behaving in an unprofessional manner. She also tells my private business that I share with her in confidentiality. The list can go on and on and on. I feel that I shouldn't have to quit a job that I’m passionate about due to a bullying supervisor. She harasses me and stares at me on a daily basis. It’s very depressing.

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If she is harassing you, why are you continuing to confide in her?
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Replied: 7/28/2017
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