Can I sue for medical malpractice? Posted on May 29, 2011

I went around 11 am on the 25 in pain and told them it felt like a tubal and I needed it check out. They did blood test and Ultra sound and they came back and told me I had a UTI and my tubes were clear. I informed them of my history of a tubal pregnancy and they again told me I was fine it was not a tubal and that I already looked better. I did not believe them I went home at 5 pm and around 10 pm the pain did not go away I knew it was more then a UTI I went to another county and they saved my life I have a tubal pregnancy with internal bleeding. I believe if this was treated by Washington county I would have not lost my tube and it would have been treated with meds. Now I am not able to carry a child because of their mistake. I lost my tube they cause pain and suffering to me and my family. I really think they did something wrong I feel like if I did not listen to my body I would not be typing this now. They had the tool I think because I had no insurance they cut corners r and I could have died and let my children without a mother. Only my going to another hospital did I save my life.

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