Can I sue a company for wrongful actions towards an employee? Posted on July 16, 2011

I worked for a trucking company. I dozed off one day for a few seconds, was going over in another lane. A driver of another vehicle blew their horn at me and i immediately woke up and got out of their way but they still had to drive off on the side of the road. Their was no contact and no damage to either vehicle. I was very concerned this had happened and told the company I was going to the doctor to find out why it did. Well long story short I was immediately put on medical leave, and a week later the company terminates me saying it was because of my preventable accident. This company states in their handbook that a driver is allowed 3 preventable accidents in a year. I was fired because of 1 and it wasn't even an accident, their was no police report. I also received a month after I was terminated forms sent out the day before my termination which was done over the phone, stating I was eligible for the family medical leave act. Can I sue this company because of the way they treated me, I feel like I was let go because they didn't want to have to pay me for short term disability, fmla, or anything like that to help cover me while I was out on a doctors note, so they found a way and reason they thought was appropriate to fire me.

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