Can I sue a company for calling my house and giving someone else my personal information? Posted on May 16, 2011

I am a adopted child I turned 18 on April 19th. Recently and two weeks after my birthday I called this number for runaways just to get information about independent living and help with my schooling because me and my mother aren’t getting along to well so they gave me this number to a place called youth and family services. I called the number and told them the same thing and the lady ask me what type of problems are you and your mother having. I said she makes me wash the dishes when I don’t eat and we have to older boys that eat and make a mess and they don’t clean up. And the lady she takes down all this information and tells me your case is open and I will give this information to your agent and she will contact you so the lady asked for my cell phone number. I gave it to her so I guess she gave all my info to my agent and my agent contacts my house phone number instead of my cell phone number that I gave them and the agent tells my mother everything I said. My mother got very angry and kicked me out and now I don’t have any place to live and I’m not stable. I was wondering if I can sue for emotional distress because the agent told my personal business and now I don’t have a place to stay. My mother is so angry that she wont even give me my personal info like my birth certificate, medical card, and social security card and its really hard for me to get transportation to go get theses things for myself.

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