Can I sue the car dealership for asking me to lie and for lying to me? 1 Answers as of September 06, 2013

Can I sue a car dealership for agreeing to finance and sell me a used vehicle for $10,000 and after I had signed that contract and drove the car home, the car sales person calls me back to the dealership a few days later, tells me to give them back the original bill of sales, rips it up, and writes another bill of sales for a higher amount of $12,000.00 and then tells me that I will get a phone call from someone they know who will ask me a series of questions and to lie and say that I was married, when in fact I was not, but divorced since 1996 and have not entered any marriage since my divorce? I did not lie to the interviewers, but told the truth to their questions. Now I am being sued based on a re-possessed car and the law suit states my name and Mr. John Doe when no John doe was ever involved. What is the statute of limitations regarding a creditor collecting on a car they re-possessed soon after I lost my job and have been unemployed for 5 years now? Also, I was told at the time by their re-possession man that he would see that I never get the vehicle back, and it was resold, so why do I have to pay them when I have been unemployed for five years although actively seeking and I am fully qualified, but folks do not want to hire me based on this and my credit history, and there is no way I can get the car back? It was already premeditated that the creditor had in mind not to give me back my previous car at the time of re-possession. Why should they collect money from me any longer and the people they sold the car to? Why are they allowed to lie about the actual amount that I owed at the time they decided to take my vehicle?

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The statute of limitations is 4 years from breach/ last payment The conduct you describe involves potential violations of Truth in Lending Act and Credit Repair Organizations Act; because of statute of limitations at least the TILA claim can only be a counterclaim.
Answer Applies to: Illinois
Replied: 9/6/2013
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