Can I sue an off-duty police officer that attacked me? 2 Answers as of August 05, 2011

My girlfriend and I had stopped after a night out for some food. Long story short, we got into a verbal altercation with a drunken woman because she was insulting us. We were sober... her husband (drunk too) yelled at us "I'm PD bitch, I can find you" He took a cell phone picture of my friends plates. Then followed the vehicle on foot (running) as we drove off and jumped on the vehicle. He tried to drag us both out of the vehicle, during the physical attack, he injured us both (knot on my forehead, scratches, busted lip) He pryed the door open and continued to try to pull us out of the vehicle. My friend (driver) had her seat belt on so it saved her. I was trying to help her by pulling on the door to close it... Anyway, the attacker's friend pulled him off of the vehicle and we were able to leave. Turns out he was a police officer. We have filled a complaint with his police department and filed charges. Both the criminal and internal affairs investigations are still pending. This happened weekend of July 24th. I took 24 pictures of my injuries and the PD has 16 prints from my friends car. It was the most terrifying and shocking experience ever. All of this because of an insult exchange. Nothing warrants such violent behavior and for him to take pictures of the plates and threaten to find us and physically assault us because he feels he has authority? We need help... guidance... this shouldn't happen to anyone especially petite women who cannot fight off a trained buff 5'10 drunken enraged police officer.

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You may. And I suggest that you get a restraining order.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 8/5/2011
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