Can I sue an electric company for adding my name to an account I didnt authorize? Posted on April 25, 2011

Aa roomate of mine had the electric bill in his name and his alone. He forgot a payment, and then moved out. He had also set us on budget billing which at that time incurred a balance. When he moved out they refused to switch the account to our name so it was in his name and he was no longer living there. Several months later they kicked us off budget billing as the account became delinquent due to his not paying that one bill and we had no idea because of course the bill came to him and not us. We tried to work it out with them and they refuse to do anything but shut our power off unless we pay the entire balance. They then got our names from our land lord and without our permission added them to the delinquent account thereby saying I owe them this money along with the account holder and thereby putting my credit in jeopardy. The one who moved out assumed all responsibility for the power himself. Is it possible that to sue them and for adding our names to an account we didnt ok? Is there any way I can stop them from harming my credit or force them to close the account under his name (which he is ok with) so he takes the fall with the debt collectors and we are left with opening a new account?

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