Can I retain Social Security Disability after a legal settlement? Posted on March 14, 2011

I collect Social Security Disability in the amount of $780 dollars a month. This started in Aug. 2010. In 2007 I received a settlement for the injury that put me out of work of $35,000 dollars. SSD notified me this month 3/11 that my benefits will be cut in half due to the settlement I got in 2007. I lived off that money. I spent over $11,100 a year just for rent, electricity and the one doctor that I couldn't NOT see. This doesn't include womans incidentals, transportation costs or food. How can they cut my benefits to $390 a month when I lived off that money and there is nothing left? SSD told me that I can appeal this decision but they also implied that if I did appeal, I could lose my benefits all together. What can I do to get my benefits back? I was barely making due with $780 a month, I will not be able to survive on $390 a month. What is my best because of action? And can you tell me how this could have happened now and not from the start of my benefits?

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