Can I remove a criminal record that was I falsely accused of? Posted on July 19, 2011

An ex girlfriend of over a month took my bike (my main mode of transportation) & money and refused to give it back. I tried contacting her multiple times, no earlier than 8 AM and no later than 10:30PM. No physical harm was done nor where there any threats of violence in person, through email or phone. She had also restrained me from stepping on a college campus, where I conduct research at. She attends the school, but is currently not taking any classes nor is she living on campus. She also tried to have me meet with her friend to obtain the money that she owed 3 1/2 hours after she filed the abuse prevention order. She had also filed a restraining order on her ex boyfriend before me in another state (she has a history of using restraining orders). She still has money, my bike, possibly some research information (which was IRB certified) and she had me restrained from stepping foot where I store & analyze a study. Can I completely remove this abuse prevention order? If I can, would she be at fault for filing a false abuse prevention order?

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