can I recant the statement and not be in trouble? Also what are the chances the case will be dropped? 1 Answers as of September 25, 2017

My boyfriend and I were in an argument and at the time I was under the influence of my prescription medication. He at some point grabbed my ankle and tried to pull me closer to him because I wasn't really responding to him due to my state of mind. Somehow I ended up on the floor and it made me angry so I told him to leave. At some point my angry mind decided he wasn't leaving fast enough so I called to police thinking they would just make him leave quicker. I did not know they would arrest him because there was honestly no abuse that occurred. Apparently in the written statement I also wrote some other things and upon seeing the statement, and being medicine free, I realize that some of those events in fact did not occur. The only thing I know happened was I was there, he grabbed my ankle I panicked when I felt myself move and squirmed off of the chair. I have no injuries at all and I know his intention was not to harm me at all. I just want to know can I recant the statement without incriminating myself? I know what I said was not true. If I recant the statement, will they also not be able to use the part in the police report where the officer mentions what I wrote on the statement? Because the report mentions that I never spoke on anything else besides the chair incident to the officers and to the 911 operator. There is literally no other evidence besides the police report and the 911 call and he has no prior arrests. I was just annoyed and not thinking clearly and had I known something so small would have lead to this, I would never have called the cops because this is all completely unnecessary.

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R. Jason de Groot, P.A
R. Jason de Groot, P.A | R. Jason de Groot
No it is not all completely unnecessary. When someone has been physically abused, battered, like this, you call the cops and they are taken away to jail. You knew this, and there is no going back on what you said without perhaps subjecting yourself to being arrested for filing a false police report. These cases are always difficult to deal with, but I have done so many that it has become a second nature to defend people charged like this. What you need to do more than anything else is make sure that he has a great attorney who loves to fight in court. There will probably be a no contact order, and that can most likely be modified to a no violent contact order. But if he does not have an attorney who likes to fight in court, his chances of being branded for the rest of his life greatly increase. Good luck, and get him an attorney like me who just loves to fight cases like this.
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Replied: 9/25/2017
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