Can I put my husband on child support if we are separated, but not legally separated? 7 Answers as of July 29, 2013

We have been separated for 4 months now and he only buys our baby diapers and one outfit and shoes but does not give me money towards food or utility bills.

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The Law Firm of Jessica M. Cotter, P.L.L.C. | Jessica M. Cotter
An order of child support generally is made when a petition for dissolution, or a petition for legal separation has been file. Also, if you receive benefits through the state of Arizona DES, through the appropriate legal agency, will file for child support.
Answer Applies to: Arizona
Replied: 7/29/2013
Perez-Jenkins Law, LLC | Patricia Perez-Jenkins
Yes you can. You can even talk to the county in most places in Minnesota and they will help you get started. Otherwise you can speak to a family law attorney and get the process started on your own.
Answer Applies to: Minnesota
Replied: 7/29/2013
Diane l. Berger | Diane L. Berger
You can certainly ask the father of the children to contribute to their support but only a Court can order someone to do anything including supporting their children. If you live in an area where there is a child support enforcement facility, you can ask them to handle the matter but it will take quite a bit longer than going directly to a Court.
Answer Applies to: Nebraska
Replied: 7/29/2013
Peggy M. Raddatz
Peggy M. Raddatz | Peggy M. Raddatz
You may be able to collect child support if your husband is not supporting your children.
Answer Applies to: Illinois
Replied: 7/29/2013
John Russo | John Russo
You can file an action for child support separately, the correct term is not put , both your incomes are used in a child support calculation and if you are not working the court will impute income to you, but if you want contribution for other marital bills you will have to file for divorce.
Answer Applies to: Rhode Island
Replied: 7/29/2013
    Kevin H Pate
    Kevin H Pate | Kevin H Pate
    In OK, you can file for separate maintenance in it is uncertain whether your marriage will end. Absent involvement of the court, you're not going to have an enforceable order for support, custody, prohibition of hiding or transferring assets.
    Answer Applies to: Oklahoma
    Replied: 7/29/2013
    Law Office Of Jody A. Miller
    Law Office Of Jody A. Miller | Jody A. Miller
    Yes - there is no such thing as a legal separation but if you are physically separated in different homes, you can get child support.
    Answer Applies to: Georgia
    Replied: 7/29/2013
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