Can I prove hostile work environment? Posted on June 11, 2011

This is a personal account of only one issue between me and a superior at work, most of my crew also have issues that have been shut out by either management or ( due to a conflict of interest) our union. I was recently informed of a death/murder of a loved one, I took a few days off of work because it deeply affected both my wife and myself. On the second day off work, my department back-up (2nd in command of the department) called my house yelling and arguing about how I 'don't have a good reason for calling off' and "...there's nothing you can do about it so just forget about it and get yourself into work!" (actual quote). And it didn't stop there a few days later on one of my days off he called shortly after he clocked into shift for a 2nd argument about how I had no reason for calling off and he wanted me to come in that night because of my prior call offs. Our company has a union but at his level he is covered by the union and I did confirm with them that they cannot address the issue because it represents a "conflict of interest" seeing as we both have the same union rep., and that the issue needed to be resolved internally. When I addressed the issue with my management I was basically told that I was almost out of line trying to report him, asking for any level of documentation of the incident was unnecessary and inappropriate. When I questioned the if what I was being told was really true it was further backed by saying that management endorsed his behavior trying to get as much work out his subordinates as possible. Now I was taught in Personal Law class that three criteria needed to be met to define something as harassment; the incident(s) needed to be unwanted, unwarranted, and excessive. So my question is; If my lessons in Personal Law were accurate should I be talking to an attorney about my company endorsing harassment or am I better off just quitting on good terms and finding another job?

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