Can I protect my son from my ex's boyfriend? 2 Answers as of May 18, 2011

I would like to obtain a restraining order against my son's mother's boyfriend and her sister well. I have primary custody and she general visitation. After visits, my son returns home to tell me the new message from his mothers boyfriend. From names that should not be uttered by a child to threats of violence towards me. She and I cannot communicate because it is impossible to do so, I have made the effort. I would like to know what my options to to protect my son from potentially harmful environment. My son is 4 yrs old.

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Does your custody orders have the standard mutual injunctions in it, the language that we keep adult matters out of the child's reach, no communicating through the child etc.? If so, show it to her - better yet, send a certified letter with a photo copy of the page in question and tell her to read it in her own papers. Advise that any further communications of this manner will be dealt with in the Courts. If you do not have this language, consider going to court to get it added. You may ask for a restraining order as well, it is a pain and a lot easier if you have more than a 4 year old's reaction when he gets home. Video tape is good, a letter sent like the one above is great. Call her (record the conversation) and advise politely that this conduct is unacceptable. Ask if she feels there is a need for a parenting coordinator - tell her about (you should look too) it is an excellent site for problems like this one, it cost $99 per side per year. It keeps track of calendars, you can add notes to the journal (beware the other side can too) and exchange communications. The beautiful part is that you do not have to keep anything, it is all stored and available for use later. As with any case, the golden rule is do what is best for the child. Followed by the best rule of "never say or do anything you do not want your mother, your minister, and 12 strangers to hear or see". When she acts like an idiot, or her b/f acts a fool, record it, write it down, get a witness who can tell the court what they saw or heard. But you need to measure your words carefully so they cannot bait you out and use it against you later. Finally, have you checked up on this guy? There are lots of sites that sell information on the web. If someone acting a fool were near my kid, I would spend the $30 to find out a little about them. If you find yourself in need of a lawyer to assist, please let me know.
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Replied: 5/18/2011
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