Can I press charges a month after the incident and no police report was made? Posted on April 26, 2011

One month ago I was assaulted by a fellow marine. I am in the military and informed the Duty Officer but did not go to the police to file a report. Both parties were under the influence of alcohol. I was asking his wife to be dropped off at my car and she said no. I was persistent with asking to be dropped off at my car. He than punched me over 30 times resulting in a bad black eye, a fractured nose, and a sprained knee. I did nothing physical to provoke this. Can I still press charges even though it took place over a month ago and no police report was made although it is documented in an official duty logbook? Also I believe his wife will take his side as I have heard he has been telling people that I was calling his wife names. Will this affect the outcome?

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