Can I legally move to another state if I have child custody but my ex has supervised visitation rights? Posted on June 29, 2011

I have custody of my child due to domestic abuse (myself and child), my X has been indicated by Child Youth Services and is presently facing criminal charges for the abuse on us. I have a PFA which he has violated 2 times and has only been reprimanded by the police and told not to do it again. I am scheduled to go to college at the end of next month which is in the next state over and 3 hours away. Can I get up and move or do I have to go to court and fight for the right to better myself and go to college. Presently my parents have been laid-off and are losing there home so we are not financially able to fight any more custody arguments. He has supervised visitation right now which we have to go to him (45 Minutes away) and be supervised by my mother. He and his family continue to my our lives hell by calling every agency reporting us for anything and everything trying to make us look like bad people. I stayed in and completed high school and would like to have a future and go to college! What can I do?

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