Can I get a ticket without explanation from the officer? Posted on August 10, 2011

I live in NJ. I was driving the speed limit (MPH), and a car pulled out without stopping at the stop sign. They then slowed down to MPH. I honked my horn at them. And when the road became 2 lanes, I passed them and gave them the finger. The driver of the other car, then quickly pulled up next to me and flashed his badge, making me pull over. I had no idea he was a cop, as there were no markings on his car. He's a lieutenant. He called in for a patrol car to pull up and assist him. They took my license, insurance, and registration. They went back to their cars, and did whatever they do. The lieutenant then handed me my paperwork back and said there will be a summons mailed to me. I was then free to leave. I was never told what exactly I was pulled over for. Is this legal? Can I fight this if I actually get a summons?

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