Can I get a refund on a car with out a warranty? Posted on August 08, 2011

My husband were looking for a car, and found one at the Stanley Ford Dealership in Sweetwater Texas. We specifically asked if there was anything wrong with the car. The salesman said it was in good working condition, no major defects, it just had a lot of scratches and dents. So we put a non refundable $500 down payment on a 1999 Mercury sable. With the understanding we would come back to pick up the car when we had the remaining $2500. We came back approximately a month later and paid the $2500 in cash. We drove the car off the lot, and about an hour later while driving the car home, it broke down. We called the dealership and they said they would send a tow truck to get it, fix it for us, and drive back to us when they repaired it. Over a week later, we hadn't hear anything and gave them a call. They said the car had blown a gasket, and needed a new engine, which they would not pay for. They are now in possession of the car, will not tow it back to us, and will not refund us the $2500. The car is under no warranty, but are we still entitled to a refund because they sold us a car they specifically said had nothing wrong with it, when it obviously did? And if we are entitled to a refund, how do I go about getting one?

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