Can I get my money back for a bad job done to my car? Posted on April 25, 2011

I paid a family friend $720 to replace the timing belt on my car. A week later as I was driving to work my car started to lose power and was making really loud noises. I called him as soon as the incident started which was around 8:30 am. He never offered to help till around 11 am. As soon as I got out of my meeting I immediately took my car to the dealer so that they could tell me exactly what was wrong with my car. Later that day the dealer told me that my motor mounts were falling out because it was not installed right. I had to leave my car there because it was in no driving condition. As soon as I got my car back from the dealer I let the person know that he did not service my car correctly & because of it I would at least like $500 back or or if not half of what I paid him. It was a hassle getting in contact with him till finally he told me through text that he has no intention on paying me back anything because his labor is not free & that if I took him to court he is going to counter sue me for his time lost from work. Since he would never answer my phone calls I have all of our conversations via text message. I would like to know if I am right about trying to get my money back from him since he didnt do the job right and could have killed me? Please help

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