Can I get my charge dropped and do I have a case against the officer and the trainee? 1 Answers as of May 08, 2017

Last night, I was walking home around 11:30 and came to a crosswalk, waited for the car at the stop sign to pass and crossed. I didn’t acknowledge the cruiser that was pulling up since I was trying to get back. I got across and the cruiser pulled up. I take off my hood and turn around. Both an officer and trainee got out of the car and said they thought I was I minor (mind you, I have my face and neck tattooed) and I said no, and that I'm twenty. They asked my name and I gave it to them to look me up seeing how my wallet was stolen and I hadn’t replaced my ID. Then they came up and said that they want to check my pockets. I asked if I was being detained. Neither officer said yeah or looked me up in the system but told me that they're going to check my pockets. I’m covered in tattoos and have a Mohawk, and these two cops didn’t let me leave, so I complied. They found a pipe that was clean and my knives. I got hit with a drug paraphernalia charge. They put me in cuffs and brought me in, never got read my rights, (first time offense as an adult) and put me in booking. The officer training the trainee arrested me but had the trainee put down he arrested me instead. They put me in the "drunk tank" and then the common area, not telling me how long I was being arrested for. I never got my phone calls, spent 10 out of 12 hours in the common cell and 2 in an actual cell though they had several cells with no one in them. They were transferring prisoners, and we were all in the same common cell for a good amount of time (like one was 25 to life for murder). After 12 hours, they began to release me, and brought me to a cell. I went to go use the toilet and was told because they had a female officer watching the camera. They would give us (other guy was being released as well) a felony for indecent exposure. I wasn't allowed to use the restroom either.

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Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 5/8/2017
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