Can I get in trouble for dating an underage girl? Posted on February 17, 2011

I live in Maryland. I am 18 years old and I am a 4.0 student in college, freshmen year second semester and my girlfriend is 16 years old and is also a 4.0 student junior in high school. I started dating her when I was 17 and she was 15, we are almost exactly 2 years apart. For 8 months it is pretty much a long distance relationship were I talk to her almost everyday all day and I have occasionally seen her. We have never engaged in sexual activities being we both come from religious backgrounds. Her parents have not agreed to the relationship. But they are aware that we do talk, and have never stopped her from that. But recently when my girlfriend asked her parents to see me this weekend her dad told her that he is planning on putting a restraining order on me or a "peace order". My girlfriend has talked her dad into meeting me this weekend. I am pretty sure it is not to hear me out but to tell me to stay away...What are my options here? I have not done anything wrong, no one has told me to stay away from her, kind of just came out of surprise. Even if I were to take his warning and not stay in a relationship with his daughter, what if she continually contacted me. Although I know that I he is the parent and he can tell me to stay away but I am hoping there is a way to keep this from happening. I have a pretty good hunch his only valid reason for me not dating his daughter is because I am of Asian Indian ethnicity and I am a college student. But will any kind of "peace order" be nulled if his daughter came into contact with me?

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