Can I get custody of a child who is being neglected in Florida? Posted on February 26, 2011

I know a boy living in an awful place with awful people and he wants to live with me. His mom died a while back so it is his uncle he lives with. His uncle sends him to my house on weekends and holidays but doesnt want to keep him home unless it is a school night. We are not related, but he would rather live with me. He is 14 yrs old. There are a lot of problems in the house like physical and emotional strains as well. I dont want cause problems I just want him to live with me in a safer and cleaner environment. Also the uncle gets a caregivers check for him and I think thats why he doesn’t want him to live with me cause he would have to give that up so I can put him in school where I live. What can I do? I live in Florida. Please help get him out of that place.

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