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Greetings, I got into a conflict with my mother. Long story short, I didn't do what she asked of me because I was angry of how she reacted to the situation before. Therefore, she started to beat me with a whip. So, I end up slapping her, in hopes that she would get away. Then, I got extremely upset because she was calling everyone telling them lies about be; telling them that I was saying and doing things I didn't do. So, to get her upset, I knock over a table; broke the glass when I knocked it over. Pushed over the thing that holds the tv; and made a mess by doing so. However, all at the same time my parents were attacking me. Anyhow, she calls the cops on me. They never questioned my side of the story. They just questioned whether what my mom had said was true; the part where I slapped her. So, they arrested me and charge me with bodily injury and destruction of property. THEY never questioned me, and if I’m not mistaking I don't remember being mirandized. Twenty-four hours later, the moron judge comes to give me my "rights" and state my charges. When I asked him what am I suppose to do, he said just wait, and I told him that my mother was the one initially beating me. The judge was like, what? He didn't even question my part of the story; so he was like, oh; we should have charged her too. However, I could tell in his voice that they knew they had screwed up already. This was all after I had to sign for all my charges. So, then, the people who put me in, bailed me out. I have to call the bail bond EVERY week! And, I have been waiting more than 2 months for a court date. Apparently, they have 2 years to file a case. However, the reason the court hasn't filed a case is because the police department hasn't turned in the police report. I'm really scared this is going to hurt my background. I’m only 18, and I'm about to attend the University of Texas at Austin. I need to get out of this mess. What can I do about my situation?

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Replied: 6/1/2011
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