Can I get the court to postpone the court date? Posted on August 03, 2011

Well its been months now since it all started, he finally filed papers a couple months ago for divorce. I knew it was all comming, and felt I needed to get a lawyer, even though he keeps trying to convince me that it would be a bad idea, that we can settle this with out them, even though he has one and has talked to them. So I called legal aid, they couldn't help me for whatever reason, so they sent me to the volenteer lawyer project. I got set up with them to send me information and the application. I never seen the papers, so I just figured they hadn't found anything or something. Find out the other day, that my hubby had opened my envelope from them and hid the papers from me in his folder he has for all his divorce papers and stuff. I never opened this letter, never seen it, and now that its been over a months now since it was sent, I may not even get a lawyer by the time the court date comes up. Can I ask the court to post pone or ask for a continuence of the court date due to the fact I don't have a lawyer? Should I bring up the fact that he had the papers which I never seen nor was told about? I am unsure what to do, but I know for sure I need the lawyer now, as he is trying to come up with anything at all to use against me.

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