Can I get a class C misdemeanor and an H1-B visa? Posted on April 05, 2011

I am in the US on a valid H1-B visa. I recently received a class C misdemeanor for shoplifting charges (it was just some groceries and I forgot to pay while on the phone. Duh!) FYI, I had already bought Diapers (much more expensive item) and then realized I still needed to do groceries. Anyways, the cop gave me a Class C citation. My question is: How will my H1-B visa situation get affected, especially if I go out of the US and come back? Would it pose any problems while re-entering the US? Also, when my visa expires and I try to get it renewed, would it pose any issues with USCIS as I'd need to fill out a form (I think it's DS160?) where one has to declare if they were arrested for anything. What are my options here and what is the risk that I am facing? Thanks.

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