Can I get alimony since my wife left me for another man and had a baby with him? 8 Answers as of May 28, 2013

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The Law Offices of Tres A. Porter | Tres A. Porter
The answer depends on your relative incomes, the length of time you were married, your respective ages and health, etc. In California and most other states the issue of who left who or who was being unfaithful has nothing to do with the issue. You should consult a family law attorney in your area as soon as possible.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 5/28/2013
Coulter's Law
Coulter's Law | Coulter K. Richardson
On that basis alone, no. It depends on the lifestyle of the marital enterprise and whether you need her income to support the lifestyle.
Answer Applies to: New Jersey
Replied: 5/28/2013
John Russo | John Russo
Alimony is based upon need after the marital estate is divided, not as a punishment for leaving the marriage.
Answer Applies to: Rhode Island
Replied: 5/27/2013
Law Offices of Frances Headley | Frances Headley
Support is available for either spouse whose income warrants it. The reason for the break up of the marriage is irrelevant when determining support.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 5/27/2013
Kunin &Carman | Ishi Kunin
Alimony is not punitive. It is based on ability to pay vs. need. Nevada is a no fault state.
Answer Applies to: Nevada
Replied: 5/27/2013
    Henry Lebensbaum | Henry Lebensbaum
    It depends on other factors.
    Answer Applies to: Massachusetts
    Replied: 5/27/2013
    TAMBASCO & ASSOCIATES, P.C. Attorneys at Law | R. Tambasco
    In Indiana there isn't any alimony. There is temporary and permanent maintenance but that is base on a particular need of the individual spouse. Usually where job training, education, disability or age may be an issue. What you seem to be suggesting is an action for alienation of affection which is not actionable in the state of Indiana.
    Answer Applies to: Indiana
    Replied: 5/27/2013
    Kevin H Pate
    Kevin H Pate | Kevin H Pate
    Alimony is determined on several factors, including length of the marriage, financial need of the one requesting, and financial ability of the one being asked to pay. As it is not intended as a punishment vehicle, being an unfaithful spouse is not a relevant factor.
    Answer Applies to: Oklahoma
    Replied: 5/27/2013
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