Can I file a restraining order against someone that lives in a different state than myself? 1 Answers as of May 20, 2011

A person from another state in which I used to live has continually contacted me via text message after being asked multiple times to leave me be. Not only have I asked them not to contact me, I have also refused to return communication on numerous accounts yet the activity still occurs. The harasser has also frequently obtained information about myself via social networking sites from which I have blocked them from viewing, and then confronted me about this information. This person has also made false statements about me towards myself and others, including my girlfriend. I did not want to take legal action because I thought the harassment would come to a halt, but all of my requests have been ignored. I feel as though having the law intervene is my only option at this point seeing that my personal attempts to put a stop to it have been to no avail. What are my options??

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Yes, you can apply for a Temporary Protective Order in Georgia. More importantly however, you can file criminal charges in Georgia against your abuser. If a person continues to contact you against your will, then possible charges could be, Stalking and Harassing Phone Calls. Once there is any kind of court order in place wherein this person is not allowed to contact you, including a temporary protective order, restraining order, or sentencing order; then if the person contacts you the charges becomes a severe felony called "Aggravated Stalking," which carries up to 20 years in prison.
Answer Applies to: Georgia
Replied: 5/20/2011
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