Can I file a case in local small claims court regarding a tax dispute? Posted on April 05, 2011

I got my taxes done by one of the biggest corporate three years back. I bought a service from them, which guaranteed me peace of mind. That included any tax dispute with the govt, they would pay for any balance amount. However, they did my tax calculation wrong (They accepted later that there was a bug in their software). After getting the notice, when I contacted them, they denied my claim. Their argument is the service did not cover my category. If I was not eligible for that service, why did they sell it - knowing fully that the service did not cover my category? Is it not cheating? If I were aware of that I am not eligible for the service, I would not have bought it at the first place. Moreover, they accepted the bug in the software, so they could not have defended it before the tax board. Meanwhile, I moved from defendant location. Can I file case in local small claim court, since breach of trust impacted me in the current location? Otherwise, due to the expenditure far exceeding the claim, I have to live with injustice?

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