Can I fight a warrant for Arrest regarding a stolen laptop? Posted on June 30, 2011

4 years ago I moved in with my mom. While I was living there she financed a laptop for me through rent a center. I was the one making the payments; she just put it in her name. One night we got into a fight and she started hitting me. She threw a candle at me, which hit my infant daughter. A couple nights later while she was at work I moved out. I took the laptop with me not thinking anything about it. Well I just recently found out I have a warrant out for my arrest in the state of Texas for the laptop being stolen. She got the laptop back. But on the police report she told them it was worth 3,000 (its not it was worth 1200) and that she had no idea where I went (she knew. we talked after I left) and that she told me to not take the laptop (she did not) and that I had only been living there for a few weeks when it had been 4 months. My question is once I turn myself in what kind of charges am I facing. I do plan on turning myself in but I’m currently pregnant and I live in Missouri. The district attorney in the county this happened in told me to contact an attorney.

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