Can I fight my DUI charges? Posted on June 22, 2011

I was with my girlfriend in a concert 7 month ago and after we left the concert she asked me to drive her car because she was very drunk. I only had couple of beer. A cop came out from nowhere and pulled me over for no reason at all and asked me if to do the field sobriety tests and I passed it. He arrested me and took me to the station and had me do the Breathalyzer. The charges were extreme DUI and drugs. I have never done drugs in my whole life and I don’t even smoke. When I went to court my case was dismissed then after 2 month it got filed up again? (I saw the same officer at a different concert and one of the security guards told me that he just follow people who get out of the concert to arrest them for DUI. is that legal and can I fight my charges?

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