Can I fight a Minor in Possession charge if I was holding a bottle for a short time? Posted on April 17, 2011

I was at a "city-wide party" and was walking down the sidewalk. I was the DD for 3 21 year olds (I'm 20). My girlfriend was trying to get her cigarettes out of her purse, so I held her water bottle with alcohol in it and bag with an unopened bottle of vodka. Bike police stopped me because the liquid wasn't clear, and everyone else walked away. I explained that i was holding it for my girlfriend quick and was honest with them, and they still wrote me a ticket. I didn't go into detail because it would've seemed like an argument and I didn't want more charges than they already planned on giving me. Would I be able to get this dismissed? They really didn't have a valid reason to stop me in the first place, and they didn't say anything to the drunken kids (looked like high schoolers) that were running across the street. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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