Can I currently play daily fantasy sports legally? 1 Answers as of March 15, 2016

It's something I enjoy doing and have been doing for the past couple of years, but it seems like things may be changing. I know the attorney general offered an opinion in December that daily fantasy should be considered illegal, but from everything I hear and read, that isn't a legally binding statement until the issue is seen in the state courts and is ruled on there. I currently play daily sports but would certainly stop immediately if it is something that is currently considered illegal. The current situation is very confusing. It would be great if a legal professional could provide some clarification on whether or not it is okay for me to continue to play daily fantasy.

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Your sense that this is a cloudy issue is accurate. It is not lawyers who decide if something is illegal, but legislators and courts. If an attorney general thinks something is illegal, they might try some test cases and you surely do not want to be one of the people that gets snagged. There is no lawyer who can tell you that you will be safe, although usually it would be the owners of such a company that would be in trouble first.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 3/15/2016
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