Can I bring a suit concerning my job? Posted on July 03, 2011

Hello. I work at a certain retail store and since beginning my work; I have encountered immense friction with one of my managers. My manager is very corrupt and discriminates against his middle aged female workers. He does not like to fire us so he generally makes outlandish accusations and shouts us down in hopes of us cracking and resigning. It is worth noting that he seeks to embarrass us in front of customers. My manager tends to bend the rules of his management to favor his friends and punish us. I've seen one friend resign and I'm next in the crosshairs. My manager has also targeted another middle-aged female employee, accusing her of disrespect. A few nights ago, I was working the register when my manager interrupted and proceeded to look over my shoulder, criticizing my every action. The customer responded by calling out my manager, pointing to the fact that I was obviously quite nervous and uncomfortable due to my manager's presence. The customer proceeded to call the manager out for harassing me and hindering the transaction. After the customer left, my manager erupted and ordered me to leave for not defending him. I'm not sure if I have been legally terminated and plan on showing up to work at the regular time. I'm thinking that if I'm fired that I should be able to pull up a discrimination suit with the other employee who previously resigned and by a subpoena, I can also get the testimony of the customer who defended me against my manager. I was wondering whether or not I would have legal ground to stand on if I sought a lawsuit. If I were to get the testimony of a current and a former employee as well as a customer as my witnesses, would that be enough? Is there anything I can do? For further information, I work in Georgia and really depend on this job. Any insight or advice would be appreciated.

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