Can I break a lease in Florida because of heightened criminal activity in my complex? Posted on April 26, 2011

I've been living in this apartment complex for 6 months, and the safety concerns have finally crossed the line. Within the first few months my upstairs neighbor was burglarized, then things were quiet for a few months until the past few weeks. It began with audible gun shots, following harassment by the police concerning the shots. Then one night both exits to the complex were blocked by police. Most recently I woke up Easter Sunday to pounding on the door (or so I thought) which actually turned out to be a swat team doing a drug raid in the apartment next door. The next day I found a notice on my door urging me to secure my valuables as criminal activity had been up in the complex. To bring things to a more personal level, I had to listen to a man cry and bang on the neighbors door that night about needing his fix; he obviously didn't know his dealer had been busted. This isn't expected in this area, I don't live in a slum. I pay above average rates to live adjacent to one of the higher income neighborhoods in Orlando. As far as the landlord responsibility goes, I guess they could do a better job of screening tenants and monitoring police activity, but that is just a guess that's why I'm writing for legal advice. Also, I still haven't seen an eviction notice on the door of the drug dealer and people are still coming in and out of the apartment.

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