Can I be required to purchase back stolen items from a pawn shop? Posted on March 24, 2011

A GPS device was stolen from my vehicle on Feb. 17. The item was found at a pawn shop by the police and placed on 30 day hold on March 8. I was notified of this on March 23. I am told that I can either purchase the item from pawn shop at the price the pawn shop paid for it, or forfeit the item to the pawn shop.

I can not believe that it is actually legal for the police to the know the whereabouts of a stolen item and not recover it. It's my understanding that the pawn shop should have obtained a photo ID from the person selling my item. Why aren't the police recovering my item and following up with the information the pawn shop has? Why do I have to pay for the item? Is it possible to purchase the item and take the pawn shop to small claims for the amount of the item? Is there anything I can do against the police for taking 2 weeks to notify me in a situation with a 30 day deadline?

The officer on the phone cited the Pawn Broker's Act, however, I reviewed the document and found no place where it says the pawn shop needs to be reimbursed by the victim. Only that the pawnshop should surrender the item and can choose to file for reimbursement from the seller.

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