Can I be liable for a crash I was not involved in? Posted on November 02, 2010

I was in a three way accident. While I was making a U-turn, another car collided with mine. His car could not move after the collision, so was parked just outside the intersection, and while we were exchanging information, another car hit him. He was still in the driver's seat but not wearing a seat belt, and I saw him slam into the steering wheel when the other car hit him. At this point, he had already told me he was not hurt, but he was hurt after the second collision. I was found to be at fault for our collision, but obviously, I had nothing to do with the second one. However, he is claiming injuries from both collisions. Since he told me he was not hurt after our collision, should I worry about having to pay for his injuries? Will my insurance company take care of this for me, or do I need to hire a lawyer?

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