Can I be denied firearm purchase with no convictions? Posted on June 18, 2011

Was arrested in 1997 on bogus stalking charge, filed by ex-girlfriend, as blackmail to get me to drop an assault charge on her then current boyfriend. Proved in court to DA and judge, charges were falsified. We agreed to have no further contact per judge and DA request, judge entered deferred adjuration/ deferral, or similar, and a 6 month restraining order on each of us, to get his message across, to cut our ties, so to speak. Tried to buy firearm from gun dealer (FFL) in 2008...was denied because of this now 14 year old bogus mess. Was told I could pay the court clerks 280.00 in fee's for this to be cleared on my record. That’s more than I would even pay for a small home defense pistol, or long gun! Feel if I haven’t been convicted of any crimes, Ever! why I should have to pay such outrageous fee to get my Right to bear Arms (in home defense, hunting, or leisure range shooting) back. What course of action, can I take to clear this matter up, without such an exorbitant fee? BTW, I am and always been a resident of the state of TN. with NO criminal record!

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