Can I be charged with possession of drug paraphernalia if I was not in the vehicle? Posted on February 28, 2011

A couple weeks ago I had a run-in with the police and was not satisfied with what happened or how I was treated. The jist of it is, my friends came to pick me up from my friends apartment. The security guards of the apartment complex had already come to my friends door once that night, and once earlier that week, claiming they smelled marijuana. We were not smoking and had no marijuana so I told them they should check other apartments rather than just my friends. So when my friends and I left the building and started walking towards the car, the security guards were watching and followed. Right when we got out of the apartment (before we got to the car, or even close) I noticed I forgot my phone, so I immediately turned around and went back into the apartment to get it, while I was light jogging towards the door, I saw the security guards heading the opposite way (towards my friends and the car they were entering into). I decided to go back because I saw the security guards whipped out flash lights and I thought that was not necessary. As I approached the scene, I asked the security guards what was the problem. Then I noticed my friend getting yanked out of the car with a marijuana pipe in his hand. He was hitting the pipe as the guards approached. They then handcuffed him and began to search the entire vehicle. They found an id with my name and picture on it (my UNL id) and put me in handcuffs. I then stood outside in the cold for two hours getting persecuted in handcuffs, and it ended with a ticket for paraphernalia. The entire time I asked calmly why I was in handcuffs, and if they were going to take me to jail, when they said no, I asked again why I was in handcuffs. They treated us very badly, and also one of them claimed he was a cop the entire time. Turns out he is not, and I just read the police report and he said I was in the vehicle. I am not sure what to do since he lied, because I was never in the vehicle.

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