Can I be charged for stolen property found on another property? Posted on July 15, 2011

Stolen property was found in my estranged wifes apt. I did not live there but was using the address for mailing purposes. Police stated that my daughter said she saw me bring two computers in the apt. She's told me that she did not say anything to that fact. I've been charged w/ R&C for this. My C.O. attorney has told me to take a deal (plead to 1 count, other dismissed) even tho my daughter will not testify to something she did not say. There's no signed or recorded statement by my daughter. Just the detective SAYING that she said this. I did put my name on the computers in a bid to get my ex's attention. When I asked her about the computers, my ex dismissed my question. I do have past convictions for R&C from 10 yrs. ago. Is this fightable in court? Can the case hold up in court without my daughter's testimony?

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