Can I appeal a judgment placed against over a year ago, now that I am better informed and have documentation to back me? Posted on February 08, 2011

I am on SS disability for over 5 years. Received a summons from an old creditor. I failed to respond to summons basically due to my state of mind at the time and not knowing about statute of limitations, etc. They levied my account last year and got $42.00. They levied it again and got almost my whole SS check. I sent a notice to court and attorney office along with bank statement showing it was my ss money. They returned monies to me. Then Attorney office filed a motion to turn over monies to them. I sent an appeal letter and today just received a letter from court stating it was one day late. I am so much more knowledgeable now and could of used the defense of the statue of limitations had I answered the original summons. Can I open this all again, objecting to judgment. I know now I should have had documentation from my doctors as to my chronic pain, numerous surgeries, depression, etc that I had been going through. I have asked my treating physicians for letters, which they are in the making, which will document my history. And how can the courts hand over my ss money which I found is exempt in this case. Do I have any recourse at this time. The credit card had a credit limit of $750.00 and I was the only user on account. Judgment over $6,000.00 now. Do I have any options, can I file any motions to have the courts hear me again?

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