Can guardianship that was falsley obained by a greedy voulture for a relative be revoked? Posted on March 11, 2011

A few years ago my grandmother was diagnosed with dementia. While she was still in her right mind, she asked my mother (her ex-daughter-in-law) to be her p.o.a. This was b/c she knew her family would only steal from her, and my father (her only child) lives out of state. When my grandmother had a stroke, my cousin signed her into a local nursing home without the consent or knowledge of my mother. Once my relatives found out my mother had p.o.a, they became furious and GREEDY and took advantage of my grandmother's mental state, lied to her stating that my mother was stealing. On the contrary, my mother put all my grandmother's finances in order, canceled all her credit cards, etc, and kept a detailed register accounting for every penny spent. My releatives hired a sleeze-ball attorney, fired my grandmother's previous attorney and friend of over 20 years, and had poa removed from my mother, and given to my cousin who is a felon. (this should tell you my grandmother was not in her right mind). Ironically, the new attorney asked the old attorney to ask my mom to take the poa back b/c he realized he was fleeced, all accusations against her were false, that my grandmother would be broke within a year and he wished he never got involved. My grandmother's savings were emptied, (14K) her house trashed, and was moved to a nursing home in atlanta without us knowing, we didn't even get a chance to say good-bye. Everyone knew how close my grandmother was to us. Now she wants to come home and be with her only grandchildren and is lonely where she is b/c the same people that forced her to move dont visit her. Her memory is much better now and can pass the "nut test". But her sister LIED to a judge stating my father has no contact with my grandmother and she now has full guardianship. Her house was supposed to go to me according to her will, but my aunt sold her house instead. Is there anything we can do to rectify this and bring my grandmother home where she belongs?

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