Can the DEA enter your home without a search warrant? Posted on May 23, 2011

The DEA came to my home. I was not home I had a babysitter. The sitter said that she didn’t give permission to enter the home but DEA did it anyways. No search warrant was showed to her. They did obtain one until after 7:00 pm but was in home at 3:30-4:00pm. Do they have the right to burn cell phone and license? On the search warrant they said that they found methamphetamine, chemicals, paraphernalia, firearm, document, but I was not charged with all of that. I was charged with Dist/Del/Manf/Produce Or Attempt To Or Possess W/Intent To Dist/Del/Manf/Produce A Controlled Substance, Possession Of Controlled Substance Except 35 Grams Or Less Of Marijuana, and Endangering Welfare Of Child - 1st Degree. They came and got me they stuck a gun to my head and said ‘I should shoot you.’

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