Can a creditor garnish my taxes, wages or bank account when I am making timely payments on a consent judgment? Posted on February 12, 2011

I owe money on a car repossession. I agreed to a consent judgment making monthly payments until it was paid off. The court just sent me writ of garnishment papers for my tax return to satisfy the balance owed. Is this right? I thought the agreement was as long as I was making payments they wouldn't garnish. I haven't missed a payment or been late. I will not get a refund this year, actually I will owe the IRS so I am not worried about them getting my refund, however I am concerned that they will try to come after my income or bank accounts if they don't get anything from my return. I have not contacted the attorney as of yet, wanted to get an idea of what I am dealing with. My desire is to pay off the debt, I just need to do so making the payments I am making because that is what I can afford at this time. Can you advise?

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