Can a court appointed attorney still represent you if you get time? Posted on May 15, 2011

My brother was convicted and sentenced to 10 months in min. security camp in Beckley. After starting his time he was convicted on a pending charge and got 1year. Then he was taken out of the camp and put in med. security prison where he is being held in lock-up 23hrs a day with no contact visits and only one phone call a month. The state court holds no detainer on him but the prison does. My brother should be finishing his time in a low security facility they told him they wasn’t going to move him because he has only 6months left on his time, I think this is wrong its a long time to do locked down 23hrs a day when you shouldn’t be. All the people in population has more privileges than he does, his crimes were nonviolent but he is being treated like a violent criminal. For his safety they hold him when they should be transferring him. Please help thank you

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