Can caseworkers refuse my daughter if she wants to sign a waiver to speak with me about her case from drug court? 1 Answers as of June 16, 2011

My daughter is a convicted felon, her sentence was to complete drug court and then probation for 5 years. While speaking with the judge, he asked if there were any rules I would like to make for my daughter since she was going to live with me. I set a few rules, one being she was in my house by 10 pm every night. Well, she was doing well and had finally passed her drug testing, following all the rules and going to all the meetings. She asked me one night if she could go see a friend sing at a bar and since she was doing good I said yes, thinking since I set the curfew I could change it when I wanted. She got pulled over by the police and was sent home. When she showed up for drug court on Wednesday they told her she was going to placed into a rehab facility as she was filling out her paperwork. She got upset with the workers and mouthed of so they placed her in jail under a sanction and told her that she was going to be there for a couple of weeks because of her attitude. I called one of the case workers to ask them what was going on and was told that my daughter was not being truthful to me and that they could not speak with me because she didn't sign papers giving them permission to do so. I am very frustrated with the whole situation and got a little upset and asked the case worker how was this going to help my daughter with her problems, and thanked her very much for all of her help. Now they will not allow my daughter to sign papers so I can get updated on what is happening, she has been in jail for over a month now and no one will give me any answers. I spoke with her case manager today and she told me that she would not allow my daughter to sign information release form because I was less than nice to one of her workers, what can I do?

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You may want to consider hiring a local attorney who will be able to work with you to attempt to resolve the issue with your daughter's case workers or file motions requesting that a judge order a certain resolution to this issue.
Answer Applies to: Louisiana
Replied: 6/16/2011
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