Can a Bad Conduct Discharge prevent you from taking the Florida Bar Exam? Posted on July 01, 2011

My nephew was given a Bad Conduct Discharge from a Special Court Martial with 60 days confinement. He is a bright young man who has been attending college and has almost completed a Criminal Justice Degree Program with straight A's so far. He wants to be a lawyer. If he completes his Criminal Justice Degree will he be able to get admitted into a Law School and then the Florida Bar Exam. I was told the BCD would disqualify him from obtaining his goal to become a lawyer. Is that true? I want to know so that we may try to redirect him into another career choice. Since he will have no benefits he will have to pay for all future schooling himself and why put money into law school if it will not matter how well he does because he has a Bad Conduct Discharge. (I was informed that his offense will be viewed as a misdemeanor since a Special Court Martial gave it with less than 1-year confinement, his offense is for disposition of government property without authorization)

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