Can an employer disclose private information? Posted on July 07, 2011

I am a waitress at a restaurant. I was clocking in at 2pm for my shift. Now she wants me to clock in at 3pm on a couple of days that I had been coming in at 2. Now her grand daughter comes in at 2. Well between 2 and 3 sometimes you can make half of what you make in the entire 8 hours you work. I have been there longer than any other person on that shift by about 5 years. I went to tell her I didn't think that was fair because everyone before me came in at 2. It’s kind of like a rite of passage. I left there feeling that the hard work that I did in those 6 years was never appreciated. When I came back to work the next day I found out that she had been telling everybody what I had said and believe me it wasn't in a professional way either. I don't believe any conversation between employer/employee should be made public. I am a very hard worker always there and on time.

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