Can an electric corporation pursue someone for a debt that wasnt incurred by that person? Posted on April 14, 2011

Unisource Energy is trying to pursue me for my mother-in-laws bill of $1300 because I allowed her to live with me after she got out of the hospital, when i found out that they were going to terminate my service as a result i told her and her husband they had to move out. They have since moved out and the company is still trying to pursue me for her bill, I did reside in the house where the bill was incurred but not for the dates during which the bill was incurred, the bill was transfered to my sister-in-laws name two weeks after we moved there and her bill was completely paid when we moved into our new house. They say that i need to provide the new address for my mother-in-law and they might be able to "fix" things, wouldnt that be an invasion of privacy? and if thats not then the way they found out who was living in my house was. My name is not on the lease for the home, but the bills are all in my name, i just dont see how they could have concluded that i have anything to do with my mother-in-law without some kind of illegal snooping, and even if they did i dont see how i could be held responsible for her bill that was incurred prior to me residing at the address with her. Also the electric was terminated at the previous residence from dec. 28 till jan. 5 and it states in the company's online rulebook that they will not terminate electricity during weather conditions that may be hazardous to the health of the residents, among whom at the time were two senior citizens, a 3 month old baby (who ended up in the hospital twice because of it) and a two year old, the temperature was below 27 degrees and the windchill would have put it closer to 10 degrees

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