What do I do if I am being sued by car dealer? 1 Answers as of May 04, 2012

My sister in law asked me for a favor if I can get a car loan for her since she had bad credit. I thought since she makes good $ she would pay the loan...She didn't pay it. I got sued from the car dealer and now they are garnishing my wages of 600.00 a month. I cannot afford that for a car that I didn't even have. Can I see her or do I need to file back? I don't want to file back just because that car is the only bad thing in my credit and I want to fix my credit not make it worse but at this point they have garnished over 900.00 in a month in a half I'm a single parent with 3 kids and my sister in law got away with it when she had the car for over a year.

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The best thing would be to take your sister-in-law to small claims court for the money you lent her, and hopefully she has the funds to pay you in lump sum. Then give this money to the car dealer, asking them to release the garnishment, explain the situation and ask them to remove any negative marks on your credit report. All the car dealer wants is their money; most will remove negative credit reports once they receive FULL satisfaction. You will be out of pocket the garnishment fees and the associated court costs unless you add this in with your suit against your sister in law. A simple demand letter to your sister in law may take care of it all, for she may (?) care about her credit. Often times, people don't get overly concerned unless it affects them directly. Your sister in law may enjoy driving around in a free car. You probably know this now, but never co-sign for someone unless you can afford (financially and emotionally) to make it a gift!
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Replied: 5/4/2012
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