As grandparents how can we petition for child custody rights? Posted on August 03, 2011

Our 7 yr old grand daughter, Mary, has been raised by us as our own since the age of 8 mos. My daughter, Sandy, was 15 when Mary was born . She's on drugs, has felony warrants, no residence & at best has been in and out of Marys life but has never given us legal custody. Sandy's sister, Jan, bought her a phone and has been sending her money and on 6/21/11, Sandy signed a waiver so Jan could file a Petition in Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship w/o our knowledge. Jan has been trying to talk us into letting Mary come live with her & Mary knows that - but she doesn't want to - not now or not yet anyway. Mary has been going on vacation with her Aunt & visiting her holidays & over the summer for the last 3 years- but now Mary's ready to come home and "Aunt Jan" won't let her - says she needs to "just try" a new school & try to make new friends. And now, Aunt Jan isn't allowing Mary to call us by phone or txt or email. We cannot afford a long custody battle & before putting up a huge retainer we want to at least try to get started by filing something ourselves- an intervening suit to let the courts/judge know Mary wants to come home as much as we want her here. Over the phone - Mary made her aunt promise she would be returned home before she agreed to go visit and Aunt Jan told her not to even worry about that happening this summer for her to just come and have a good time. Jan and her boyfriend are getting married in september so that made sense at the time & I let her go visit and now I'm so afraid I won't be able to undo all this and get her back home. I'll look up, copy, fill-in, re-word whatever I have to if you can start me in a given direction. Plus this is a relatively small town and I have a friend who knows the judge. maybe's and what if's I know.

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